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Their Mission: Build and Become Servant Leaders

"We’re just ordinary folks who struggled along like everyone else, until 5 years ago we discovered the internet… the PASSION began, it changed the course of our lives forever."

Our story starts 5 years ago, we had been married for 10 years, passionate about life, each other, family, friends, and Madly in love with our Maker.

We both had varied backgrounds, Real’s in construction, Sherri’s in the airline industry.  Our family also has a Charolais cattle ranch, and learned that’s how you take a large fortune and turn it into a small fortune!!!   Both on the road for two years with a seminar company, helping it grow to an annual $100,000,000.00; teaching stock market, real estate, and asset protection strategies.  LOVED IT but felt perpetual jet lag!

Finally reaching the empty-nester stage, the proud parents of three grown children, three exceptional grandchildren, and three grand dogs, we were anxious to see what FREEDOM was like…it didn’t really go as planned. Mom was diagnosed with cancer and advanced Alzheimer’s.  She was the type of personality who wouldn’t have coped in a nursing home.

We scaled down and left our jobs to care for her for four years.  In doing so we created an insurmountable debt, yet refused to go through bankruptcy.  We know the good Lord gives us challenges to make us tough.  We had this exquisitely embracing feeling like, You take care of your mom and I’LL take care of you”

Somehow there was HOPE. We had come to this financial crossroad…our WHY!!!

Now, the clincher…we’d both had 20 years in the MLM (network marketing) industry and NEVER earned enough to even attend annual conventions, let alone the weekly meetings two or three times per week!!! 🙂

Having had NO experience online, we’d been doing it all the old school way.
We were using a cookie-cutter website promoting the business.
We were trying to “sell” and “convince” people we had the best business.
We were purchasing HUNDREDS of leads.
We were HORRIBLE on the phone.
We were the king & queen of passing out tools, which we now term littering!
We were cold calling prospects.
And the worst part:  Working with the, “I can’t afford it” mindset!

Even though we hadn’t yet made a single dime in profit with our home based business endeavors, what we had done was lay the groundwork for what was about to happen.

For all those years we had embraced personal development as well as teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. We read countless books on success and top performing people, attended workshops, and we flew across the country with money we didn’t have to put ourselves in the same room as these self-made success stories so that we could become one.

We learned how successful people think, what they focus on, how their minds work, and we continue to work diligently every single second of every single day to mold our brain into that of a Super Success Story with a well balanced, ultimately joyful life!

Finally, we started learning how to attract things into our life.  Mentors, coaches, people who taught us you could do more on the internet than just email.  They showed us a funny little word …GOOGLE!!!! …and tiny little 3 lined ads on the right-hand side. (It’s funny how when the student is ready, the teacher appears.)

The next four years in a row = multiple six figures annually, two years in a row = Top Recruiter & Top individual sales in the nation…

Absolute Miraculous Phenomenal Zone!!!!!

We were able to create a great income and spend quality time caring for mom until she died.  No one could replace those four years we had caring for our mother. It would not have been possible had it not been for what we learned on the internet through the guidance of our Heavenly Father.


We were using only 1/10 of ONE of over 50 ways to mastermind the internet.  Because we were so blessed to learn these tools we're determined to teach them to others and help them avoid the pitfalls we experienced.

Our main concentration is helping people take over their life both mentally and financially through owning a home based business.  To work with Real & Sherri Lebeuf  and our team of experts,  to help 100 people earn $100,000.00 this next year, hook up & let's get going!

Our Mission: Build and Become Servant Leaders

We can show you the door…YOU are the one who has to WALK THROUGH IT!

It’s that simple… it’s a choice.  Choose wisely.

Friends in Attraction Marketing Success, 🙂

Real & Sherri LeBeuf


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