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Some people probably wonder why we always reference gratitude toward Jesus Christ in everything from health, family, all the way through to the business end of the spectrum.  “I mean, come on do you have to include Him in everything!”  Our take on that is…How do you compartmentalize someone that is a part of our very existence to one section of life?

Do we ”Leave the Lord at Home” per say, while we go about our day as not to offend or to be politically correct?  Or maybe  “Save that for Sunday!”…whatever day is appropriate for us to practice religion.

To us it would be like leaving an arm or a leg at home to be without our Savior in All we do.  Are we being pious, feeling like we’re perfect or better than anyone else by His inclusion?  Far from that, it’s because of our weakness and continued desire to improve, to learn to be more like He is, that we hope our gratitude and love will be a constant Invitation for Him to “Hang Out” with us all the time.  We’ve been so blessed to feel His presence through our horrible trials as well as joyful triumphs, we want Him with us always.

We choose to honor others in their religious or non religious feelings unless, of course, they step on Our rights.  There needs to be more of us to take a stand for who we are and what we believe.  President Gordon B. Hinckley always said, “If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything.”

If you choose to be offended by Our Values it’s time to find other friends, don’t join in our business endeavors, and most important…go read someone else’s Blog.  ; )

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